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u crazy magnet? who told u that? no way . the thing is that there isn't a lot of performance difference due to the memory requirement of the game. games that utilise more graphic card memory run better with more memory having gfx cards. u can see that clearly in a shootout between the ati radeon 9800 and the nvidia 6600. u will notice that the radeon outperforms the 6600 only in memory intensive games. that too by only 2-5 pts. plus the new pixel shader 3.0 and vertex shader 3.0 wasn't added just like that. these features use memory very much.


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@magnet: Sometimes with brands like powercolor and xfx they tend to use slower memory when they give you more memory than what is the norm. This is especually true with low end card, for e.g.- A powercolor 9600 pro with 256Mb memory is clocked @ 400/400 as opposed to the default 400/600 :)

@supersaiyan: Please keep quite if you dont have a idea what your are talking about. Radeon outperforming the 9800 :rofl: thats the funniest thing man. and sm 3.0 on mid budget cards like 6600GT doesnt mean shit !


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Cooler master pricing

hey guyz here is the price of all coolermaster products available ... got this pricing from smc international , delhi.

1. SMPS ATX V1.3 Regular 430W with UK cable Rs. 3,250
2. Chassis Centurion 5 w/ regular 350W PSU, Black Rs. 6,950
3. Chassis Cavaiier w/ analog dial meter, 350W regular power, Black Rs. 7,350
4. Function Panel Aerogate 2, Black (With Fan) Rs. 2,400
5. Function Panel Aerogate 3, Silver Rs. 2,300
6. Chassis Fan Silent UV Fan Blue/120mm, sleeve bearing Rs. 450
7. Chassis Fan Silent UV Fan Purple/120mm, sleeve bearing Rs. 450
8. Cable Transparent Floppy Cable Rs. 130
9. Cable Transparent IDE Cable Rs. 310
10. Cable Transparent SATA Cable Rs. 160
11. CPU FAN 32 Bit Processor Rs. 500/-
12. CPU FAN 64 Bit Processor Rs. 750/-
12. FAN Ultra Vortex Dream (For All Processors) Rs. 1,850
13. FAN X-Dream III For AMD K7 (For AMD 32 Bit) Rs. 1,050
14. Server Chassis CM Stacker Rs. 10,400
15. Accessory 4 in 3 Devices Module Rs. 1,200
16. Accessory Cross Flow Fan Rs. 2,200
17. Server SMPS ATX V2.0 Regular 450W Rs. 6,500

10% cst will be extra on all above products...i have ordered for all the cables (sata,ide,floppy) and jst waiting for them ... will post some pics of my cabby then.


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sorry blade i made a typing error. i edited it ok. fine. ne wayz ne knows ne leadtek dealer in delhi. my friend wants a 6600gt


Creative Labs, Mumbai
HCL Peripherals, Mumbai
Neoteric Infomatique, Mumbai
Rashi Peripherals, Mumbai
Big Byte Corporation, Mumbai
Roop Technologies, Mumbai
Prime ABGA
A & A computech
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Hi friends,

Can you please give some information regarding the price and availability of the following components in Delhi? Please recommend a good dealer in Nehru Place, if possible w/ phone number. I'm planning to buy these components soon.

1- Gainward Geforce 6600GT AGP version (Golden Sample)
2- MSI K7N2 Delta-L and MSI K7N2 Delta-ILSR

Thanx in advance.


Can anyone post the prices of the following racing wheels:-

1) Microsoft precision racing wheel
2) Microsoft force feedback racing wheel
3) Logitech MOMO racing wheel


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can someone pls tell me the address and contactno. of leadtek dealers in delhi. pls do not give of those who sell only quadro cards.


Scanner prices at Mumbai xxxx URGENTxxxx

I am looking to buy a good scanner for Hoem use. It should be low cost & ideally I will prefer a Automatic document feeder.

I request the followeing :

1. Pls guide me in which issue P Quest Scanner shootout published. I would prefer a weblink as I am a subscriber for past many years.

2. Suggest a Low cost scannner for home use without ADF

3. Sugegst a scanner low cost with ADF



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AMD Athlon 64 bit 3000+ and 3200+

Can anyone tell me the price difference between
AMD Athlon 64 bit 3000+ and AMD Athlon 64 bit 3200+


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Nowadays you get geforce 6600gt 128mb abt 10k

also for abt 14k you get geforce 6800 agp which in most games if not all will be better than 6600gt though it may loose some times.

also,amd 3700 san deigo for 22500


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chirayu garg said:
Mohit do your smart power work fine with your system configurations.

ya it works perfectly , just had some probs with the intel active monitor software which monitors the temp and all , i just uninstalled it and facing no probs till now. i now use speedfan to check my sys temps and they are all lower than 50C at my place where the temp outside is always above 40-45C. also i am planning to upgrade to a 128 mb 6600gt and i dont think there will be any issues as clean 400W power is more than enough for any non-sli system.


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1 GB pen drive

Hi guys,

I'm looking to buy a 1 GB pen drive, can anybody give me a rough price for it. And also suggest some good brands in the category.

Thanks - Naimesh. :D
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