Laptop Suggestion: Urgently Needed


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As I am going abroad for further studies I want to purchase a new laptop & my college has given me some specifications:
At least Core 2 Duo (1.66 GHz)
120 GB hard Disk,
3 GB Ram
128 MB Graphics Card (Min.)
Windows 7 or Vista (Home Basic Not Allowed). Preferred Home Premium or Ultimate. Only 32- Bit Operating Systems Preferred. Windows XP has been phased out.

I will be using the Laptop mainly for programming.

My Budget is within 60,000.

Preferred Brands are Lenovo, Dell, Acer or Toshiba. International warranty preferred.
One More query: should I buy from abroad or from here ???

Thanks in advance.
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u should try out HP's product..
it will cost u around 55,000 n meets ur requirements.
search the product code on hp's official site:p
watch out the link.


You will be able to easily get a laptop for the given min spec within 60k... Dell™ Inspiron 14R and 15R models, Studio 14 and 15 models all are suitable and come under 40k... But all four models have 64-bit OS... Any reason why 32-bit is compulsory?

If so, you may want to get a OS-less laptop and get OEM version of Win 7 Home Premium separately...



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Given that most of the laptops now come with international warranty, if you are going to USA, you better buy a laptop there itself. Saves you some luggage and is lot cheaper and you get better specs there.

eg: macbook pro is avaialble for 1199$ and is around 73k here.

given your budget and given that you will be using it mainly for programming, I would seriously suggest you to get macbook pro 13. it's available inside your budget in USA and europe and will be good as you can develop apps for iphone and os x if you want to in the future. And using parallels or boot camp, you can install windows or linux in a macbook pro.


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@sakumar79 the course I will be doing is a programming intensive course..full of programming..& the college has said most of applications may not work in a 64-bit OS so they are suggesting a 32 Bit OS...

@desiibond thanx for suggesting as developing iphone apps is in my curriculum..[:D] yeah I know that I can easily install windows on a mac


Try to find out what applications specifically... Most 32-bit apps will run on 64-bit OS... Only few have problems...

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