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Laptop Not Booting

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compaq 6211
amd turion 64

when we power on this laptop.. with battery or without battery with AC power supply following happens.

all quick launch buttons glow up... on touching them sound also comes

card reader led glows continuously.. even if no memory card is there.

only power led glows up.
processing led does not.

no sound or heat from processor comes out... i mean I THINK processor is not working.

LCD display remains off.

Laptop does not even boot. not even till bios setup... it just does not boot.

If we keep it on for some time... after a minute or less it restarts(power goes off and then on automatically immediately... same as when a normal laptop restarts) and again the same thing happens(actually nothing happens:))

this restart happens again after some amount of time and the same continues.

so as i said i think processor is not even starting... so it is not even booting... so not even the display comes...

yesterday we started this laptop(after a week or so)... it booted fine... we used it copied some data in pendrive...to memory card... played a song...
but noticed that it was
running slow... as if it runs when harddisk badsectors are there... but then we didnt try to restart and check again.. simply shut it down and today this happend:-(

so any idea whats going on with this one?


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I think the lappy is 'dead'. u can search for dead lappy in this forum.. there have been a lot of discussion on it..


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you will laugh at me,but please try,i think its a problem created by moisture,so please keep it in sunlight for 1-2 hour then try and write here.


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ya we surely will....but as right now there is no sunlight over here:) we'll have to wait till tomo. eve...till then...
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