L720 or wait for L725?


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Looking to buy a WP8 mobile for around 15-16 K. need a change from my 2.3 GB Samsung galaxy s (still works awesome:))

I have the Nokia Lumia 720 in my sight, but the phone is more than an year old. Since the L525 came out with upgraded Ram, i was hoping for a successor to the L720 maybe with a better screen and such. But no official news or leaks as of now. Some sites are suggesting that the Lumia code-named 'Moneypenny' will be the L725 with maybe dual sim slot, some say its the new L635. Then again will it be priced round about 15-16 K?
So should i wait for the official announcement for the L725, if and whether it will be. Or go for the L720?


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Lumia with 512 MB ram is very smooth to operate so no point for waiting for 1 GB ram version of lumia 720.But if you play games i would suggest you to get android.


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Not much of a gamer on my phone, for that i have my Asus Tab with Tegra 3. Only play games on phone when i don't have the Tab or when my nephew/niece wants to.
The main use of my phone is calls with some multitasking (Browsing, YouTube, Music, IMs etc).

Plus, which windows apps use 1 GB Ram i wonder?


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^ Not a single App completely uses the 1 GB.Every process running consumes memory. More RAM more multitasking and less lag.
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