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Keyboard keys cannot be pressed freely


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Some keys in my Dell Desktop Keyboard can be pressed only if I press it from the center of the key. Pressing elsewhere on the key is little harder.
Didn't observe till now, but my CM Devastator 3 KB does the same if pressed from sides of the KB key. Don't think its an issue. Although this doesn't happen on my laptop KB but both have kind of different mechanisms & travel distance.


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Probably some dirt or something lodged. Clean the key caps by removing them. Should help immensely.

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I seriously think that, this is not a bug, this a feature.

I mean like it is there to prevent mis-touch. Just a guess.
I mean, I don't feel a lot of difference in actuation force required, but yes pressing from sides requires a bit more force. After checking more, it seems just some keys show that behaviour a bit noticeably, not all. Might be dust, not sure but naturally I press at centre of keys, so never observed before today.


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As I said before it was a wild guess.:chillpill:

But this should not happen that way that half keys ain't working on pressing from sides while others are. This is a bug.
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