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Issue DVD RW Drive


Cyborg Agent
I have Samsung DVD RW Drive SH-S222A model.
Now it only recognized DVDs, any CD/VCD media just fails to get loaded after inserting into the drive. Only karrrr karrrr sound and eventually no LED glows and silence thereafter. Tried at least 2 - 3 different CD/VCD and same result.


Bond, Desi Bond!
hah. looks like the lens is not able to read the discs. try lens cleaning media or take it to service centre.


Democracy is a myth
How old is the drive? If its more than 1.5yrs old, try cleaning the lens first, if it does not work change the drive or use it as only a DVD reader... :p


Cyborg Agent
If its too old then its shopping time. Cleaning might help.
You can try opening the drive and drop 1-2 drops of oil on the rod on which the lens mechanism moves. generally with time the fiction between the rod and the lens mechanism increases which prevents the free movement to the lens and it fails to recognize disc
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