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is dell inspiron 15 7000 series worth buying


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Hi all

I have been using a dell laptop xps studio 16 1645 model for last 7 years. Now I wish to change my laptop and shortlisted one dell laptop - inspiron 15 7000 series - 7548

The link to the details are undermentioned:

Inspiron 15 7000 Series Details | Dell India

However, I am not very tech savvy and hence would like to know if there are better choices in the similar price range or is this laptop worth the money. Also is there any alternative choices where i can save money without compromising on the performance and my requirements.

please help me guide to select a new laptop, I need it for autocad, casual gaming. net surfing and normal office work. Also my work requires me to travel frequently, hence a good display helps me out while watching movies and tv series on the go.



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from that same link

99k for a ULV i7 + AMD DDR3 gpu :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

That crap config isn't even worth over 50k.
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Right off the assembly line
1) What is your budget? (INR or USD)
Around 100k

2) What size & weight consideration (if any) would you prefer?

Mainstream; 15" - 16" screen

3) What are the primary tasks you will be performing with this notebook?
Photoshop, browsing, watching movies, listening songs, light autocad work

5) Any typical configuration in your mind you're eying for ?
atleast i7 with minimum resolution of FHD 1920 x 1080

4) Are there any brands that you prefer or any you really don't like?
a. Like: no specific preference
b. Dislike:

6) Anything else you would like to say?

Screen resolution ( 1080p (Full HD) )
Battery back up ( normal (3-4hrs) / extended (5-7hrs) )
Purchase place ( Online (eg - flipkart, infibeam) / Local (do mention the country) India
I travel a lot, hence I am partial towards lighter laptop.


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Look for Mac it fits better in your requirements and the overall usage scenario would suit better with mac.
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