Is ati redeon 9100 ok for games

Discussion in 'Gamerz' started by ASH_DSG, Nov 19, 2005.

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  1. ASH_DSG

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    hi freinds,
    I want to know that is ati redeon 9100 graphics are ok for plyaing new games like F.E.A.R and HALO2 and NFSUG2 and all other new games.
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    Mark my words "HELL NO"
    This is a very old ATI GPU Chipset.You can only dream of runnin F.E.A.R on it.Btw Halo 2 is not out for the PC for now its only Xbox Exclusive.NFSUG 2 might run on it but with every detail and resolution set to low status.
    That said please use the sticky thread for "Will this Game run on this configuration?".It's the centralised thread for games running on specific configurations.
    Thank You.
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