Is animation a low paying job??


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Well i always wanted to be an animator but dropped the idea after hearing u cant earn more than 10-20k a month :(


at first who said that? It totally depends on you.. increment are slow in this field but it is good.. It will take you year to get that 10-20K but you can get it and go beyond that..


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Depends upon your skills man.
Rs. 10-20K pm is only start. Believe it, I know. In span of 5 yrs but with required skills , you will earn very handsome money !


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I don't want to sound discouraging or anything but I was once into animation and was a very good 3d modeling artist and Lighting artist(If you don't believe me I can show you some work of mine). But I've quit because there are no jobs and no Career in that field. Almost all of my friends from this career have quit. There is a friend of mine whos spent nearly 3Lac+ and 5yrs in Animation Education but is still doing up-down in Mumbai-Pune in search of job(We live in Pune btw). If you're familiar to visual effects than you might be knowing what Rotoscoping is, two of my friends were exceptional Roto Artist they were offered a job in Mumbai in a highly reputed company but their salary was 2K per month. Yes, you heard it right 2K and that was a full 8hr job in Mumbai.
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