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Is 3G a big deal here?

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Hi guys,

Im gonna buy a phone, my budget is 10k @ max..
I was wondering should i go for a 3G phone?
I'll be using the mobile for 3yrs.
Will 3G become a boom then?

I love the w395 phone and some other ones but they lack 3G!!
which ones should i go for?

plz help me...


dont buy phone without 3g. Charges for 3g will go down in future. and most of the newly launched handsets in 10k range are 3g enabled.


What 10k phones dont have 3g these days !

BTW , From this governments track record , i think it'll take atleast 2 years more to 3g become norm and affordable .


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3g and HSDPA(3.5G) are the trends which will be coming soon after the network providers have upgraded their infrastructure.If you want to use the purchased phone for only 1year or something buy any thing. But, if you are thinking of a long run, Don't buy any phone without these features.


i too m thinking of buying a phone with HSDPA support with a gud display and sound quality..can anyone suggest sm models.? the budget can go upto 15k..


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I'm waiting for that 'future' since a year when it was decided to auction the spectrum... but thanks to the typical babudom of our sarkar, i'm still waiting... heh!

My n95 8gig was shiny and sparkly when i bought it in anticipation of 3g being around the corner...but now it's pretty well worn.

in any case if you have the budget, no point in buying a phone without the facility... only dont expect to hook onto the 3g network day after tomorrow... i'm not very optimistic about it, though it is part of the current govts 100 day program, already the govt is in trouble with the CAG for auctioning the freqs at very low prices...
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