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Introducing Nexus S


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Today, more than 200,000 Android devices are activated daily worldwide. The volume and variety of Android devices continues to surpass our wildest expectations.

Google Yesterday officailly introduced The Nexus S to the world -

Today, we’re pleased to introduce the latest version of the Android platform, Gingerbread, and unveil the next Android device from the Nexus line of mobile products—Nexus S

Nexus S is the lead device for the Gingerbread/Android 2.3 release; it’s the first Android device to ship with the new version of the Android platform.

The Nexus S features a 4-inch AMOLED screen with a 480-by-800-pixel display on a unique “contour display,” with curved glass. It also has forward- and back-facing cameras, a 1GHz Cortex A8 processor, and 16GB of flash memory.


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yes it does look awesome...but how come its 1k cheaper than HTC Desire...

Is it that HTC Desire > Nexus S. Also, i wonder why have they given a concave display
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