Interuption while runnng CD/audio and copying files and vice versa

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Hi All,

I could not understand what this problem is...
I try to copy a file from CD/DVD while my mp3 songs were played from system,there is a interruption
and the audio is disrupted.Also the mouse is jerked while moving in the screen.

The same is happening when i run cd/dvd audio from drive and do some file operation in the system.
However during this process,the system has more than 1 Gb free memory and cpu utilization is
around 50%.This is happening only when i deal with cd/dvd drives.

I have the following PC config

Intel Core 2 Duo E6700
MSI P6N SLi platinum
Win XP Pro Sp2(patch updated till jul 07)
LG DVD ROM and LG DVD writer(bought 2 yrs back)
2 GB DDR2 667MHz
80*2 GB SATA hard Drive
Avira Premium(Updated to Aug 3)
Audio Codec:realtek ALC888
GPU:NVidia xfx Geforce 8600GT 256MB

Is this problem due to audio driver or the DVD drive?Can anyone help me in solve this


Fortuna Favet Fortibus
Say Goodbye to your current Optical Drive.

According to me, in a desktop, there should be atleast a secondary optical drive no matter what it does. A simple CD-Rom can be helpfull for reading CD's or DVD-Rom if you use DVDs more.

But, before buying a Optical Drive, do the following things:

1) Get your Optical Drive updated with latest firmware

If still the problem persists, then:

2) Format your PC and re-install Windows (OS)


I just upgraded my PC to this configuration and reinstalled OS.
I also want to add this.The sound/Audio is getting dirupt only when I run DVD in drive.The Video Cd are running fine without any disruption


Fortuna Favet Fortibus
The Configuration of your computer you have mentioned is Very Good.
You should not be receiving such problem i guess. This problem happens only when CPU Utilisation is heavy. Well.. you should update your soundcard drivers. If still continues, uninstall new drivers & try to install a previous version of drivers.
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