Internet Trobulescooting

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Internet Trobuleshooting

I Got a Tata indicom Photan plus But there is problem when i start the connection after 3 mints i get error reports that is Generic host. like Generic host process for win32 services.

Generic host process for win32 service has encountered a problem and need to close.
how i can solve this prob. plz. help me.
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I smell sort of virus or malware attack. Consider full system scan with a updated antivirus or go for system restore.


I decided to write this entry for the sake of those ppl who want to get their computer back to normal. All you’ve got to do is to close port 135 and 445. So here’s what you’ve got to do:

How to close port 445

Start Registry Editor (Regedit.exe) by clicking Start menu, and then click the Run icon.

In the small box that Opens, type: regedit then click the OK button.

The Registry Editor will now have opened…

Locate the following key in the registry:


In the right-hand side of the window find an option called TransportBindName.

Double click that value, and then delete the default value, thus giving it a blank value.

The you must now navigate to the following registry key:


You will see there is a String Value called: EnableDCOM

Set the value to: N (it should currently be Y)

Close the Registry Editor.

Shutdown and Restart your computer.

You could also disabled NETbios. But I’ve found that by disabling these two, my computer get back to normal without re-formatting my computer etc. Hope you can get rid of this faulting application “svchost exe” problem. Good Luck!!
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