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hi all (tho whoever reading this thread),
my laptop is compaq presario c734tu, and i am still using the intel celeron m540 CPU. its old, but doesnt suck, just gets a little unbearable hot at times. so i am planning to upgrade the CPU.
the socket is PPGA478, stepping 0, and i would like to upgrade the CPU. the highest match i found for this t9500,

PPGA478C0 35 WattsFF80576GG0646MSLAQH NoYes

i have already added the latest CPU microcode inside the insyde h20 EFI or BIOS whichever way you call it. as these 2 CPU's are exact match size and socket wise and has a huge cache 6m i would like to know if you all suggest me to go and buy this CPU or you suggest some other CPU as a replacement for this CPU. the board is gm965, and its a compal manufactured with some modification for HP's c700 series.

so i would like to know what is/are suggestions for a CPU upgrade, as in which CPU, t9500, or the HP suggested, t8300, since socket size is a perfect match PPGA478 and how much does it cost? and also how many years of warranty and also where is it available in india and last but not the least if that CPU isnt ideal? which one is the closest match and high end against the current CPU which is "Intel Celeron M540"

i got this:

Intel® Celeron® Processor 540 (1M Cache, 1.86 GHz, 533 MHz FSB) uFCPGA, Socket P, Tray

SocketStepStep TDPOrdering CodeSPEC CodeHalogen FreeVT-x PPGA478A1 27 WattsLF80537NE0361MSLA2F NoNo
i am looking for :

Intel® Core™2 Duo Processor T9500 (6M Cache, 2.60 GHz, 800 MHz FSB) uFCPGA8, Tray

SocketStepStep TDPOrdering CodeSPEC CodeHalogen FreeVT-x PPGA478C0 35 WattsFF80576GG0646MSLAQH NoYes
and also suggestions and recommendations are also a most welcome.


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i dont think the T9500 is supported. Thats because i have a C702TU for about 2 yrs with a celeron 530. the service manual for the Compaq Presario C700 series mentions the max upgrade possible to T8300 only. Check if proccy FSB is supported by the chipset and then only upgrade.
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