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Hello everybody.
I need some advice about the age old question. :roll:
I just upgraded to an P-IV 2.66Mhz 64 on an ECS 915 board with PCI-E Lite slot and 8-channel sound.
Now one of my friends is suggesting to exchange the same for an AMD2800+ 754 socket on an orginal Via K8M800 board with an AGP8x slot and 6 channel sound without any additional cost.
I have an old ATI Radeon 7000 AGP 32 MB card that runs fine on the AMD board.
ANd I dont have the money to buy a PCi-E crad.
That means I'd be able to use my existing card only on AMD.
What'd you suggest ? Also I dont need 8 channel sound.
What config should I keep?? Which'd be beter for games at
medium resolution say 800x600 at 32 bit colour on a 15 inch CRT monitor.
I've managed to overclck Pentium 2.66 to 3 Ghz wiout any external heatsink (just checkin) and it runs fine ..atleast in winters.
I am mre inclined toward AMD hough.
Please give some advice.


hmm, i suggest don't do it, as his Athlon64 2800+ is socket 754 which is really old, & already started to face out, besides AGP cards will no be innovated anymore, both ATI & NVIDIA are going to the PCI-E way


Dont go in for an AMD board unless its 939 pin which is the "in" thing for the next 3 years. A 939 pin board is also ready for the futuritic dual core processors. Also, AGP cards are outdated stuff. PCI-e cards are the things to go for.
So, in my opinion, keep the Intel proc & the mobo that u currently have, the config which u currently have is pretty decent.
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