Installing OEM windows 7 on ssd

I just brought a ssd to give a little boost to my aging laptop, now the problem is, however reinstall the oem os back again? I cannot use the recovery USB stick(it doesn't like the fact that hdd is replaced with something of other size), so how can I get the os back?


backup the OEM key using Advanced Tokens Manager.
then use any windows 7 dvd/iso to install the OS. skip on the key part. then restore the License using Advanced Tokens Manager.


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I installed win 7 from copy CD on original purchased laptop,

But now i want to install OEM win7 on same laptop,but when i started Advanced Tokens Manager its showing different key (other than written on back sticker on laptop).

So please help me how can i install OEM win 7 without any backup(new install), as i have not any CD /DVD for this.Thanks


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Thanks for reply,but from where i can install normal os, i mean i have not any on DVD/CD win 7 .Please if you can give any link etc.
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