Installed windows, Which Drivers to Install?


Hello Guys. Built a pc for the first time. Although its running how can I make sure everything is running as normal?
Also finished Installing windows 7 and LAN Drivers but there are many other drivers also that have come with MOBO. Can someone tell which are really imp to Install?

I have been trying to run some games which I had, like fifa13 and gta san andreas (Not original copies) give dll missing error. I know itz not legit but i'l be buying once I know my machine is working normal.
> All drivers are important. Install all of them. The drivers in the included disk will be outdated so go to motherboard manufacturer's website and download the latest version. > The missing dll error is because you haven't installed DirectX. Install it and also install Visual C++ redist 2008 to 2013. > You can know if the machine is working normally if it doesn't give any problem :lol:
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