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The latest IndieGala X is a good mix of some "not so old" rpg and rts games. Take a look:-

1) Omegalodon
2) Praetorians
3) Majesty 2: The Fantasy Kingdom Sim
4) East India Company
5) Europa Universalis: Rome - Gold Edition
6) Knights of Honor
7) Lead and Gold: Gangs of the Wild West
8) Elven Legacy
9) Hearts of Iron 2 Complete

Last 7 games are Steam redeemable, first 2 are DRM free. 3 more games/music will be unlocked in the 2nd week. You need to pay more than $5.78 to grab all the games. :razz:

The Indie Gala - Set your price. Donate. Play!


The Humble ebooks bundle is awesome. I got it for $15. Old Man's War is one of the best contemporary science fiction books out there.


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IR Halloween Bundle launched:-

Sam&Max Devil's Playhouse
MacGuffin's Curse

Pathologic is interesting. Played it long time back, the first game where you have to make some moral decisions long before Bioshock shook the world.

And Amnesia: The Dark Descent is @ 268 INR at Desura. Three Dead Zed Enhanced Edition is 80 bucks only.


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Game Music Bundle 4

For $1:-
Retro City Rampage
Dear Esther
Indie Game: The Movie
Shoot Many Robots!

For $10:-
Joypad Powerup (featuring music by DJ Cutman, Blake Robinson, and more)
Kanto Symphony EP (music inspired by Pokemon)
Skyrim Main Theme by Lindsay Sterling and Peter Hollens
Adventure in Pixels by Ben Landis
Jottobots by Josh Whelchel
plus $1 tier.


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Here's a bundle with a difference:-

The Amnesia Fortnight (pay what you want and help charity)

Amnesia Fortnight is the name for Double Fine’s annual prototyping period. They take two weeks off from whatever they’re working on, split the company into small teams, and each team gets two weeks to make a game. They do this to test out new ideas, and to test out new project leaders who feel ready to have a project of their own. Many of the games Double Fine has released in the last few years have come from the Amnesia Fortnight process.

Double Fine wants you to be a part of Amnesia Fortnight! You can vote for the ideas that get made into prototypes, which will be live streamed during the development process. In addition, 2 Player Productions will be filming the process and posting videos daily. That means you get to see all these games come together from scratch in front of your eyes!

Contributing will also get you two awesome prototypes from previous Amnesia Fortnights, available for Windows (DRM-free and on Steam). Both are an amazing glimpse into Double Fine’s creativity and give a sneak peek as to what to expect from this year’s game jam.

When the Fortnight is done, you can download the actual prototypes and play them yourselves. Contribute now, pay what you want, and decide how much money goes to charity. Then you can decide who wins the award for best prototype of Amnesia Fortnight.

There are 23 different game concepts, each one pitched by a member of the Double Fine team. You’ll be able to vote on your favourites, with the top four receiving the go ahead to develop a prototype based on that idea. Apart from these four, you will get prototype of Costume Quest & Happy Song straightaway. Minimum contribution is $1.


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And the most bizarre bundle ever offered:-

The Indie Gala Sim - Set your price. Donate. Play!

Pay at least $1 for Bus Driver, Deer Drive & Police Simulator. Pay $5 to get Police Simulator 2, Euro Truck Simulator, Traffic Manager & Bridge Constructor.

Most of the games have fairly good rating at GamersGate, except Deer Drive. Now who wants to drive a truck across Europe? :rofl:


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Indiegala 11 out already!
The Indie Gala - Set your price. Donate. Play!
all the games make the bundle worth....skipping

<1$ Imperial Glory (DRM free)
>1$ XIII Century - Gold (Steam)
Necrovision - Lost Company (Steam) BTA Men of War (Steam)
Cryostasis (Steam)
Star Wolves 3: Civil War (Steam)
Men of War - Red Tide (Steam)
Bonus 1 (Steam)
Bonus 2 (Steam)
Bonus 3 (Steam)
Bonus added after a week or so.


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The best bundle, ever?

The Humble THQ Bundle (pay what you want and help charity)

Darksiders + OST
Metro 2033
Red Faction Armageddon
Company of Heroes + OST
Company of Heroes Opposing Fronts + OST
Company of Heroes Tales of Valor

Beat the average to get Saints Row The Third + OST

A more sedate one:-


Eschalon: Book I (Steam + DRM Free)
Ceville (Steam)
Paranormal (Desura + DRM Free)

For a minimum of $5 you also get

Worms Reloaded (Steam)
Dawn of Fantasy (Desura + DRM Free) + OST
Two Worlds Epic Edition (Steam)
Gorky 17 (DRM Free)
Earth 2160 (Steam)

6 bonuses to be unlocked on reaching specific goals. 1st one already reached.


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Well rumor has it that Humble Indie Bundle will be launched quite soon after the THQ Bundle.
So keep your eyes peeled on their website :wink:


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They have already advertised HIB 7 (sort of) in the homepage itself, so it should be very soon. ;)


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HiB 7 is here
Humble Indie Bundle 7 Six masterful indie games and one incredible film for your holiday delight. Humble Indie Bundle 7 features an unbeatable collection guaranteed to keep you entertained all winter long. Pay-what-you-want and get The Binding of Isaac (and its DLC, Wrath of the Lamb), Closure, Shank 2, Snapshot, and Indie Game: The Movie! And if you pay over the average, you’ll also get Dungeon Defenders (and its DLC) and Legend of Grimrock! To top it all off, you also get a handful of awesome soundtracks in lossless (FLAC) and MP3 formats
The Humble Indie Bundle 7 (pay what you want and help charity)


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Get it at any cost for Legend of Grimrock only.

Groupees - Build a Greenlight Bundle

Beware Planet Earth!
Millennium: A New Hope
Private Infiltrator
Wooden Sen'Sey
Eryi's Action
Salvation Prophecy
I Shall Remain
Oozi: Earth Adventure

All games DRM Free & with Desura keys. Recruits is a very good top-down shooter, you can play the demo in Desura. All the games are in Steam Greenlight, so might want to show your support there. Also LA-MULANA & its OST added as bonus for Groupees Greenlight Bundle. Now this is a quality game for absolutely nothing. You need to buy at least 2 games costing $1.5 for getting the bonuses.

Another bundle:-

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