In Name of Ramdev's Infertility Cure, the Promise of a Boy Child?


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Yoga teacher Ramdev's remedy for infertility is allegedly being sold by some of his pharmacies as medicine that can guarantee the birth of a boy.

"Divya Putrajeevak Seed", sold in Patanjali Pharmacies, a chain of shops owned by Ramdev, is described in catalogues as a natural herb for treatment of infertility.

It does not promise a male child, but the name is misleading, allege doctors who point out that "Putrajeevak" means "son's life."

Some Ramdev stores claim that the medicine, available for Rs. 35 a packet, helps ensure that a boy is born. The claim is not supported by the text on the packs, but even then, many customers allegedly come to buy the drug with the hope for a boy.

Source: In Name of Ramdev's Infertility Cure, the Promise of a Boy Child?

What kind of Sorcery is this?


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And they say we Indians do not believe in miracles.

who are these reps of Indians spreading such rumours?! :lol:


i think we should share more of meaningful news rather than those that inspire and rekindle scandal-mongering among us. breathe air - die, sit - die, nap - die, and now, this! sharing news about the recent death in the line of duty of (late) Col. Rai and HC Sanjay Singh, and the annoying tweet of that ungrateful gilani in its wake would be something (though i suppose this doesn't count as 'random' news, strictly writing). IMO if one watches the video of the last rites of the Col., one would simply not bother and may be just do a 'meh' such item of a news of usual thuggery.

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As long as there are fools to getting fooled, there will be fools to fool them.

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man rarely has any intention towards that. most of his concerns arise from and end at his upper & lower mouth, and all the deities and saints are for him the supreme bureaucrats to be appeased only to grind one's own axe. it has been so, and the loving would always be outnumbered & outweighed by the fearing, lambasting, & hating.

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This medicine works. Sri Ramdev himself is the proof. I am buying and stocking for future. Behold!
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