IEM with inline Microphone under Rs. 5000


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Hi guys,

I intend to invest in an IEM with inline microphone. My budget is somewhere around the Rs. 3500 to 4000 mark but can shell out about Rs. 5000 at max if the product is really worth it.

I do play a lot of games, make VOIP calls and may also use the IEM with my mobile, therefore, the requirement for microphone. However, my emphasis will of course be for for the sound quality for listening to music and movies. Please note that I don't listen to any specific genre of music, I want and IEM covering the broad spectrum of sounds and want and pleasant experience while hearing.

Also, I don't use iPhone so any iPhone compatible IEM may not work with my mobile / laptop.

Initially while going through some product reviews online, I found that the Klipsch Image Promedia In-Ear Headphones to be having quite nice reviews. Its supposed to have the same specifications as the Klipsch Image S4 but comes with an inline microphone. However, the product has been discontinued by Klipsch but is still available on some websites.

I would really appreciate if I got the feedback from experienced audiophiles and please note that I'm also open to suggestions if any better products are available in this price range.

Thanks in advance.


Wise Old Owl
you should look for klipsch and sennhieser

frankly if you want IEM's for usage at home. it would be 10x better to invest same amount of money in a set of cans. if you want portability then you should look for iem's.

you should take a look at denon ah-d510r and also koss sb 45.
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