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i5 based system for ProE Software


Right off the assembly line

I'm building PC to use some design software, recommended configuration includes i5 processor, 32GB RAM (Min 8 GB).
I'm thinking of following configuration (CPU cost < 30k )

1. Core - Intel i5 3450
2. Motherboard - DB75EN
3. 8 GB DDR3 Transcend RAM
4. Seagate Barracude 1 TB hard Disk
5. LG internal DVD writer

PCI and PCI-E both slots are must (this MB has got PCIe 2.0 slot, any other option with PCIE 3.0 & PCI slot), also VGA port is must and preferably with HDMI (not compulsory)

Though Transcend RAM is so popular, I have never seen it recommended on any forum
Can I use Cabinet + Power supply (450W) of brand like Enter or VIP, costs around Rs 1500-1800 and comes with 3 year warranty.
I may be able add graphics card, if required.
I'm looking for some "expert advice"
Thanks in advance.



Right off the assembly line
1. I want to use this PC to use a 3D design software ProE (CAD)
2. Budget is around 30K (CPU budget)
3. I'm not planning to overclock it.
4. Operating System - Win 7
5. hard drive space - 1 TB
6. I'm planning to use 21.5" HD Monitor with VGA and HDMI port
8. I'm planning to buy this system in next 8 to 10 days
9. Earlier I've bulit system (i3 cpu)
10.I'm from Pune

Thanks & Regards,


Broken In
which components do you already have? or do you want to buy all of them? and you need a graphic card for pro e, specially for mechanism and sheet-metal part.


Broken In
here's my suggestion-

Intel Core i5-3470 - 12000
Gigabyte GA-B75M-D3H - 4100
WD Blue 1 TB - 4000
Transcend JetRam 8 GB - 3700
AMD/ATI Radeon HD 5450 - 2000 (Very good GPU for 3D modeling I am currently using it on my work pc for solidworks so I can vouch for it)
Corsair VS450 PSU - 2200
cooler master elite 311 - 2100
any ODD - 900

total - 31000

one more friendly advice Don't go to DCC or prime electronics or any other local shop, better buy it online or contact Havok Nation (Koregaon Park).


Thanks badass.. My personal advise : Done buy VIP or Enter PSU and Circle cabinet. In long usage, you will cry for that for sure.
Atleast buy a decent cabinet like NZXT Gamma or CM Elite.
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