Positive Experience I got a phone I ordered in less than 24 hours w/o using one day delivery


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Well, writing about it, since they deserve it.

With all the negativity surrounding the FK app, I was only forced to buy something from FK cause it was available exclusively with FK. "Lenovo K3 Note" which I wanted to buy for my dad. Plus the app was the only way to buy it for 10% discount. Anyway, so I finalized to buy the device on morning of 7th Nov, Saturday. I realized there was no one day delivery option available for this product. But I did want to get the phone before Diwali. After some planning I decided to call the FK guys after placing the order. It was the only way. I wanted to buy that specific phone and the more delay I did could mean probability of getting the device *after* diwali.

So I placed the order for the phone by 1:30 PM on 7th Nov, Saturday, along with accessories like case and tempered glass. The estimated delivery date which FK assigned to the phone was 12th Nov, which is one day *after* Diwali. So I called customer care of FK. A guy named, Vikas was assigned to talk to me. I stated him my request of wanting the phone on or before Diwali. He of course said that they can't commit but the phone will be reached on or before 12th. I told him that I could pickup the phone from Courier if that's needed. I also asked him from where the phone would ship, cause if it was supposed to be from outside state, then it won't be probable to get the phone delivered before time. He told me that the phone would be shipping from Bangaluru. Well what to say, the last shred of hope I had was shattered. After that I disconnected the call.

But something happened then. By 05:03 pm (in about 3.5 hours) the status of the order changed to "Item has been packed", by 06:03 pm (in one hour), the status changed to "Item has been dispatched from the seller warehouse". And it blew my mind when the next day (Sunday) I wake up to the call of delivery boy that the shipment have arrived. Rubbing my eyes with disbelief I indeed received the phone by 9:30 AM in the morning. Yes, the status didn't get change until 3:49 PM, but my dad had already started his first journey towards Android, and already explored lots of apps.

It seems as if initially the package was supposed to come from Bangaluru, but it was changed to Gurgaon. I don't have any reason not to belief that my request wasn't the factor in this. The customer care guy didn't promise anything, but it seems he turned out to be saving grace. It was 2 weeks before when my dad's Lumia 520 died and all this time he was out of touch with relatives around this festive season. And that's why I owe my dad's smile on FK (or Vikas), who managed to prioritize the shipment and deliver the phone in less than 24 hours, without even paying for one day shipping.


I decided to put little faith towards FK by ordering the phone first and as it turned out the faith paid off very well. :clap2:

PS: Get no such ideas FK, but your app only idea still suck.

PPS: Now, if only I can write a hate post about Xiaomi sale in such detail, probably sometimes later. ;)


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Delhi to Delhi no surprise there. I received a package from Amazon from Mumbai to Chennai within 24 hour with no one day delivery
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