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Huawei Honor 4X : Need a perspective


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I was looking for a cheap and good phone and I have zeroed in on the Huawei Honor 4X.Just wanted the view's of the TDF community on this phone. Any glaring flaws besides the lack of Gorilla glass on the screen ?

Would love some inputs from the actual owners.

Not more than 10-11K. A7000 is also a good choice for me but I am skeptical about the mediatek chipset

A7000's performance is better than S410, close to S615 of Yureka, but still Yureka is best performer in sub 15k for now
I guess it might have better battery life than Yureka.......... Can't say that for sure though


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Neither of the two is a good option at the moment. Honor 4X seems to be much better option instead.
I would suggest you to wait till Zenfone 5 is launched.


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Redmi Note 4G has a terrible display and the Honor 4X better specs than either

It's got only 8gb internal memory, 32gb expandable, no toughened glass, emui(don't know much abt it), not sure abt future updates(lollipop promised though).

Otherwise seems good for the money. Though not sure how it would fare against the newer zenfones either.


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It would have been a better option if you would have questionnaire if you want to explore more options but at that budget I would vote for redmi 2 coz of the reason that it will eventually get the dev support but can't say aout any other phone except yureka.


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And unless you are looking forward to root and flash custom rom it is not suggested that you should buy Redmi Note.


Right now, 15k segment needs an overhaul. Under 10k segment (Yureka, Redmi 2, A6000) has better hardware than 10-15k range (Moto G, Zenphone 5). This should be resolved after Zenphone 2 release.
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