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I know, and we all know how good HP is when it comes to after sales service, but i had a really nice time past few days.

I use HP G6 2005AX laptop, almost a year old. I dont have any bill, reciept or proof of purchase.I went to service center when i "bricked" my laptop, after fiddling and messing around with restore and back and stuff. Basically the laptop failed to boot and was dead.
I was welcomes by a HOT chic ,early 20s :) she welcomed me and asked me what my problem was.
I explained it to her. She told me to meet the guy on the other side. The guy started off by explaining me what i did wrong, and what not i shud do. Kinda tutoring me. I started speaking and he realised i know stuffs and i am not a noob like majority of the people they encounter :) So he took the laptop and said he will look into it. I went to the next counter for registration, and behold another hot chic. Then i turned around and my my there were i think 6 gals and 1 guy in the main office. The only other males were delivery people and people who were moving equipment. The next chic asked for my DOCUMENTS etc and i said ALL ARE LOST :D She said its ok. Then they took my phone number and made me sign one form.
Next day the hot chic called me up and asked me to pick the laptop. All for free

Since my laptop has heating issues i tried my luck for free repair the following week. Same procedure, same hot chics, and free repair of my laptop internal fan. Guess they checked my laptop's bottom and found that i was under warranty...anyways, thankfully everything went without hassle, no running around, no waiting + sweet smiles from beautiful techie gals ;) All repaired and fixed in 1 day with a sweet phone call -"Mr. Mikael from Upper Republic, kindly come and take your laptop, it is serviced and ready to be taken".

There have been brands from Sony, Lenovo, Compaq, Dell and Acer in my household. None have recieved such luxurious servicing care and loving :)


the 3rd party service center that hp has outsourced their technical services here in Mumbai is pathetic... after 1 week of hassles i have now been dealing with a manager now, her name is Madhuri... My fan has stopped working and my Os is corrupted as well... the technician tells me that just because he cannot run the software which determines the fan functionality the company cannot replace the fan directly... so i had to back up the data and now tomorrow they will pick up the laptop and get it fixed... all this has taken 10 days now...


I am sure Mumbai will have it sown service center. See i am here in Aizawl, Mizoram, remote part of the country where we only have ONE mobile service center that also only Nokia. HP is the only service center for computers. Still we are getting such fine service. I think the blame to ur prob should go to the third party service centers. I expected awesome service in metro cuz out here in a small town we are getting sexy service ;)


Beta Geek ;-)
^^ Even here at Ranchi.......Although we are not lucky as u(hot chicks et all :-D ),still we have a service which is the best I've experienced till date,followed by the Maruti Service.:offtopic:
From day one,all services here has been taken up by Redington Ranchi(aka HP Ranchi) and they are pretty good,infact they go to any extent to get the customer satisfied,as long as it doesn't hurt their interests.


I had a good experience with HP After sales service. It was serviced by a third-party agency from Nehru palace.
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