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hp g6 2005ax

  1. mikael_schiffer

    HP service is the best!!!

    I know, and we all know how good HP is when it comes to after sales service, but i had a really nice time past few days. I use HP G6 2005AX laptop, almost a year old. I dont have any bill, reciept or proof of purchase.I went to service center when i "bricked" my laptop, after fiddling and...
  2. mikael_schiffer

    Graphics related problem- HP G6 2005AX

    Hello. Firstly i want to say that i bought my g6 2005ax around 4 months back following the advice received from you people. The forum was burning with g6 g6 g6 and i couldnt find a better opportunity to buy it.. Love this machine and i am so thankful to this community... I am part of the family...
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