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How to share internet connection b/w two PCs

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Hello Friends,
Recently I bought a CPU, I use the old one for connecting internet. Now I have connected a LAN cable b/w these two pcs. I want to share the internet connection that is available in old Pc for the new one. I am using Microsoft XP. I connect the net using a DSL modem (Airtel Connection)... Please give me suggestion on how to connect two pc for file sharing and for internet sharing...

Thanks in Advance


dis topic has been discussed gazillions of times on this forum and some excellent thread r runnin here which will tell u all u need to know abuot conectin 2 comupters

search the forum b4 posting



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sakthirajesh, there are a lot of similar threads posted on this topic. Have a look at the end of this page for some similar threads. Please go through those topics and if you need more help, please post there :)

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