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how to Receiving money online???


Broken In
i have sbi and axis bank account
i am thinking about selling mf flipkart e-gv
so the main question was for me how can i accept payment online?
i ahve net banking facility on my a/c?
but really dont know how to receive payment
so if anybody having any specialized knowledge or have traded before,please tell me how to receive money from others online?


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^ You can share your A/C details like your A/C number, Bank Name & Address and Your Name (A/C Holder's Name) with the buyer to make payments (Be careful with that). The buyer can easily transfer the money to your A/C via online transfer through NEFT/RTGS of can deposit the money in your A/C by visiting the bank. If in case you need to make frequent transactions, you can opt to sign up for a Paypal A/C. But, in this case, you'll have to have a CC (Credit Card) as Paypal doesn't support Debit Cards here in India, and Paypal, after deducting a very small transaction fees, will deposit the money in the A/C associated with your CC.
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