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How much can I sell my old stuff for?


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Guys, I want to sell off my 1 month old Macbook Pro 2015 model ( 13" Screen, Retina, i5 2.9 GhZ, 8 GB Ram, 256 gb ssd hd ) MF840HN/A model.
I got it for ₹ 103000 from Amazon

Have bill and all required accessories.

Date of purchase 31.12.2015 , mint new condition, no problems ...

How much should I expect?

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How much I can expect for Intel Pentium G2020 (Ivy bridge) processor with heatsink-fan, box and bill? It has remaining warranty till June 2016.



For how much can I sell the following:

a) 2.5 years old Sennheiser HD 650

b) 4 years old Audinst HUD-MX1 Dac+Amp

c) 1 year old Matrix M-Stage Amp+Dac

All of the above are in very good condition, but without warranty.


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Please let me know the resell value for an iPhone 6 Plus 64GB, out of warranty, indian invoice, all accessories and box, with minor dents.
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