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How many svchost.exe?

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hey guyz, i have winxp sp2 on amd 64 3200+,1 gb ddr400 ram,asus a8ne ,gforrce 6600 gfx.
whenever i see the processes in task manager, i find that there are many processes by the name svchost.exe,and they are using a lot of my memmory. can it be a spyware?but spybot and adaware do not show anything.what can it be due to?

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i also doent dig into OS fundas... but u can dload some 3rd party software like processExplorer from www.sysinternals.com

and it will show u all processes running with the path of that exe file...so u can easily track which is fraud and which is OS svchost

as i have used it and caught many files as spywares which are running under names of OS files..
so try softs like this..


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Each process is for different use. Like one is for the windows shell, other is for backward running applications and some are for power management.


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actually svchost.exe runs multiple copies for different purposes!
it takes different forms by using command line arguments!
it does all kinds of stuff!
run> services.msc and chk out properties of services running N u'l know which services need svchost!
if u dont want any stop them.however this can be risky
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