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Ok. Next one Red Dragon for sure. I love this thread.


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Anything for Jackson is a decent movie from horror genre. Do not believe the comparisons with Hereditary on some website, like I did. It is a bit slow paced cult based movie with very few characters which was a +1 according to me.
I would give 6.8/10 for this good slow horror movie not relying on jump scares.


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Midsommar (2019)
This is seriously a cult movie. With lot of WTF moments :D
Another movie I saw long back was Hereditary & Wicker Man.

But nothing beats Pink Flamingo


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You ain't seen nothing yet: Rubber (2010) - IMDb
Say this only after watching this :grin:

@Nerevarine @rockfella

P.S. don't read reviews or such, just get it & watch it on fast forward.
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The Slowest One
^Yeah. But we aren't allowed to post NSFW contents here. But i am suddenly interested and I would actually watch a non-sense movie as long as its funny.
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