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The Honor 10 may look like a diva, that doesn’t mean that it’s just a pretty face. The phone packs HiSilicon’s flagship chipset, the Kirin 970. It is also based on the 10nm process, which offers the best of both worlds, improved performance and power efficiency. Here’s a quick rundown of everything that the new chipset has to offer.

Like most other SoCs, the Kirin 970 is an octa-core processors in big.LITTLE architecture. So nothing new there. This includes a cluster of four power efficient Cortex A53 cores with four high performance Cortex A73 cores.

The Kirin 970 also features a 12-core Mali G72 MP12 GPU. The company says that this new GPU offers 20% higher graphical processing performance and 50% higher energy efficiency as compared to the previous generation GPU. Always a good thing in our book.

For connectivity, the Kirin 970 features a 1.2Gbps high-speed Cat. 18 LTE modem. Other tech that the chipset offers includes 4x4 MIMO, 5CC CA, and 256-QAM to aggregate fragmented frequency spectrums.

Photography is something Honor phones focus a lot on. The Kirin 970 features a dual ISP, which the company claims can offer an improved photography experience. Further, the chipset also offers dedicated hardware for facial detection, which makes portrait shots look more natural. So none of that weird effect that blurs not just the background, but the hair as well as edges of the user’s skin.

Of course, The Kirin 970 also features a Neural Processing Unit (NPU) that is aimed at improving on device AI computing. But that’s best left for another thread.

So what you you guys think of the HiSilicon Kirin 970 SoC? Sound off in the comments below.

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I do like Kirin processor they are very efficient but the main problem with them is slow GPUs compared to the competition and lack of developer support stop me from buying honor/huwaie phones.

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There is no significant improvement from Kirin 960. Does that mean this ic has reached its peak? Also how is this better than 845? Isn't neural processing more like a software gimmick?


There is no significant improvement from Kirin 960. Does that mean this ic has reached its peak? Also how is this better than 845? Isn't neural processing more like a software gimmick?
I don't think comparing top level SoC's performance matter much these days strictly speaking from a consumer perspective. Devices with better optimised software and non existent bloatware would always be faster than those who lack these.


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My guess is that Digit has hired some social media marketer to post here and said person does not know how to deal with technology forums like this. I think said person needs to LURK MOAR. XD

Pretty much no one from Team Digit lurks on any forums anymore. Also, language is changing whether we like it or not. Heck, I don't even like "moar", and that whole nonsense thing... but I'm just in a smaller minority than even you are :p


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It's too normalized these days. I might be the only one but when I read something like this it makes me distrustful of the product immediately (gives the impression of them being dishonest). I would prefer more serious discussion than marketing lingo.

But then again this is probably a sign that I am becoming old. :p

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Last year it emerged that Kirin 970 beats Snapdragon 845 in a number of image recognition benchmarks. Honor published its own tests revealing claiming the chip performs better than the newer Snapdragon 845 as well which was 20-33 percent faster run on classified pre-trained models.:+1: Because of the NPU, its performance for ML has increased and performs better than Snapdragon DSP design.


I believe all the newer chipsets by Huawei in mid range and the top end must have dual 4g support with a capable power efficient chip and a decent GPU .

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