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Zeeshan Quireshi said:
well search for :free prixy server" on google . then select a site n open it e.g. then select a proxy server address n port .

now open internet explorer tools -> internet options->connections , here choose your net connection n set proxy server for it .

Is it legal to use proxy servers? I heard some sites will ban you if found using proxy servers.
I found that my entire PC and Connection(IP add, Service provider) info is visible.
Is it possible to setup my router for anonymous browsing?
Help help!
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use JAP.......
its pretty cool and easy to use...i am still using...

jus install it and give ur prxy settings to JAP...

it will give u

jus change ur brower settings to above proxy....
dats all

go through the help in that soft....

search the soft or use the link some1 has already mentioned above...
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