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HELP!! NHL 2006 is not working.

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I recently downloaded NHL 2006. After installing, when I m running the game, its showing:

Your 3D accelerater card and/or your video card could not be initialized properly. Please update the drivers for your 3D and/or video card. Contact your manufacturer to obtain the latest drivers.

What should I do?????????? I got an in-built card. NBA 2006 is working perfectly, but NHL is showing this prob.


Broken In
Can u plz specify which On board card u have !
according to Me ! NHl 2006 wont run on ur Pc at ur On Board cant Play it ! try updating the Drivers maybe that works ! and if NBA 2006 works fine on ur system it doesnt mean all other games will run fine too ! It all depends on ur on board graphic ! which all games It can RUN !
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