Help needed in buying a Convection Microwave Oven


I currently own a Microwave which is around 15yrs old, it was bought from America by my grandma when microwaves were not available in India but that has started giving me troubles and there is only a single shop in Cannaught Place, Delhi which repairs and it gets difficult for me to go there everytime as my current Location is in Aligarh. So I am looking for a Convection Microwave Oven, the budget is flexible and it all depends on the quality of the product as these things are not bought daily so I want something really good and it should last long.
I was looking for something in IFB, have shortlisted IFB 30SC3 Convection Microwave Oven - 30 Liters - IFB: and IFB 30SRC1 (Rotisserie) Convection Microwave Oven - 30 Liters - IFB: but I don't know much about them.
But people say that LG and samsung microwaves are good too.Any idea about that?
I personally don't think there is any other brand which is good in this field and if there is then let me know about that too please.
Budget is around 10-15k.
It will be used in home by my mom mostly and all other family members for daily work.
If I will buy IFB then I will most probably buy online likely from Flipkart etc. as the dealers here are not offering much discount.
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