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Help me understand this please.

Chanakya said "कोई भी काम शुरू करने के पहले तीन सवाल अपने आपसे पूछो ---मैं ऐसा क्यों करने जा रहा हूँ ? इसका क्या परिणाम होगा ? क्या मैं सफल रहूँगा ?"
Then he says "काम का निष्पादन करो , परिणाम से मत डरो"

Contradicting or I am not getting anything? Someone please translate it to english for others.


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"Before taking up any task, first ask these 3 questions to yourself - Why am I going to do this? What will be the result of this task? Will I be successful?"
Then he says "Complete the task, don't be afraid of the result".

What I infer from this is - You have to be aware of the consequences of the task so that you can prepare yourself for it. You should not be afraid of the consequences and abort the task, but you should know what lays in store for you so that you can plan for it and act accordingly.


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Chanakya said, "Before beginning any task, ask 3 questions to yourself - Why am I doing this (task)? What will its (task's) result? Will I succeed?"
Then he says, "Execute the task, don't be afraid of the result."

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I think he means before starting a task think about its consequences. If you have already begun a task then complete it without thinking about the result.
The moral is either do & complete the task or leave it but don't let it hang in between. If I am wrong kindly correct me.


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First line is about method of working
second line is about attitude towards working

they are not contradictory to each other
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