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Help me to decide

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Hello Computer Gurus

PLease help by giving me a configuration for a new computer

My budget is 60k(incl.1500 for warranty,etc..)

My Usage will be
1. Gaming(like HL2, DOOM3, NFS UG2,Splinter Cell Chaos,etc)
3.Image editing(Photoshop)
4.Watching DVD/Videos etc..

The config should hve
64 bit solution
External Tv Tuner(Coz i dont want to watch TV by switching on my computer), Geforce 6600GT, 17inch CRT flat monitor, Benq 1640 DVD writer, Windows XP home OEM edition(Rs.3300/-) and zebronics High Cabinet (Costs Rs.2500/-). So please include this in the price and tell me a good config which can last good for 4yrs. I live in chennai and buying from zebronics.

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AMD Athlon 64 3000+ or 3200+ [Socket 939 - Venice Core]
Rs 7.5to8K / 11-12K

ASUS A8N-E [NForce 4 Ultra Chipset] [Socket 939]
Rs 8.5K

Hynix DDR 400 PC3200 2x512MB [D43 Chip based]
Rs 5 - 5.5K approx

BIG/Gainward/Gigabyte/LeadTek Brands
Nvida GeForce 6600GT PCI-E x16 GPU Rs10K

Go for the following cabbinet
Antec 3700BQE Rs 3120 approx

Powersafe 400W 24Pin.

Any Segate/Samsung 80/120GB SATA HDD

Benq DW 1640 Rs 3.5K approx

Samsung 793MB or 793DF 17' Monitor Cost Rs 7.5K approx

If u plan of getting Internal TV tuner get
Compro Videomate PVR/FM Rs 1.8-1.9K approx
this is the best one.
donno abt which is the best external tv tuner.


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I wont trust ATi as such (for uninitiated, RS480M2 uses ATi chipset). Traditionally they have been good at providing some amazing solutions but always managed to have loads of issues with drivers for the devices. ATi Radeon series is a classic example. So better stick to A8N-E + GPU rather than RS480M2. You may have to dig deeper into your (or your dad's) pocket, but its worth every paisa.
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