Help me pick a smartphone under 15000


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Around Rs.15000 but can go up by 2000
2. Display type and size?
It should not be too big or too small between 4-5 inches
3. Dual sim?
4. Preferred choice of brand?
All big brands like Moto, Sony, Samsung,Nokia etc
5. What camera option you want (flash, front facing camera)?
Need flash and front facing camera
6. Preferred operating system? (Android, iOS, Windows Phone, etc).
I prefer Android but I am willing to change if device gives good performance.
7. Preferred connectivity options (3G, 4G ready).
8. Primary use of handset (multimedia, camera, internet, gaming etc)?
Gaming, Multimedia, Internet
9. Any specific mobile phones in consideration?
Moto G, Xiaomi Mi3
I was going to Moto G but I recently found out about the Xiaomi phone. Is it worth buying considering stuff like after sales, build quality and the fact it is chinese.


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Xiaomi Mi3's after sales is bad from what i have read so far but build quality is excellent. but for now the biggest problem is you can't get one as stock run out so fast.

Moto G is still relevant due to price cut and if you want to buy a phone now and not wait for Mi3's hit and miss affair as the number of buyers goes up is around 10X more than mobiles in stock.

Lastly you have Asus Zenfone 5 16GB and if you don't have a huge list of apps that you'll have hence bring in app incompatibility problem due to x86 IS, Zenfone 5 is better than G.

of all these Xiaomi is the best provided you manage to grab one during flash sale. second comes Zenfone 6 but still has some app compatibility problem (this will likely go down with time) & not the best battery backup. last is Moto G with all round spec, stock Android with battery lasting more than a day, nice round build so fits nicely in hand but terrible camera (both front & back). Low light photography is a disaster. Also no expandable memory (you get ~12GB free in 16GB) & the actual usable screen space is around 4.3" due to navigation signs using up some space though this space is usable when immersive mode goes active during full screen apps.

PS: i have one Moto G in my place and so far it has delivered full value.

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You can also look into the LG L90 if you can live with the qHD screen but it helps when you play games

+Bigger battery(removable)
+Better camera
+Expandable memory
+Better service network
+Better call quality/volume
+Extremely light weight

-qHD screen
-No corning Gorilla Glass 3
-No ambient light sensor
-Capacitive keys are not backlight
-Lesser development

The other area where Moto G scores over L90 is water repellent coating so you can talk safely in the rain. Also, do note that development is underway for the L90 as a working Root is now available. There is now a dedicated thread for it. Samsung Galaxy Grand 2, for example, is now lagging a bit in this regard. It started out well though.

Some dev called 'Quarx' has started work on porting CM11 to L90, so the way I see it, this is going to be another well supported budget device because it costs really low outside India (I know that's sad)

Else, you already have pretty much every suggestion covered in [MENTION=88006]sam's[/MENTION] reply. I just shared what I knew about LG L90, because I think it deserves a mention


If you are from the Metros then get a Moto g and if not go for an Asus zenfone (due to availability of service centers)


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stick to moto,Lg and asus safer buys than xiaomi etc
get the moto G LTE,youll get an sd card slot as well
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