Help in getting a desktop (Budget 25K) for Photoshop based photo editing


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Dear all,
Please help me decide in buying a desktop. I have been using laptops for last 7 years, but now want to buy a desktop. Should I go for assembeled or branded?

1. What is your MAX budget: Around 25 K (Include 20' monitor pls)
2. Are you open to alternate ideas/products giving similar better performance but offering more VFM/ sellers: Yes, but would like a Core i3.
3. What is the purpose of the computer: Mostly photo editing in Photoshop CS3 and general purpose (browsing, word processing etc)
4. Planning to overclock: No
5. Which OS are you planning to use: Window 7
6. How much hard drive space is needed: 500 GB
7. What resolution will the screen run at: 20"
8. How would you rate your hardware knowledge from the count of 1-10: 5
9. Have you ever built a desktop before or will this be done by an assembler: I have never built, will be built by assembler
10. When are you planning to buy the system: In one month
11. Are you one of the types looking out for "future proof" configurations: Absolutely, yes
12. Are there going to be any components that you don't want to include in this new rig: No need for webcam
13. Which city do you live in and are you open to buying from shops from other city/states? Kolkata
14. Mention any other points if deemed necessary: No

Thanks a lot !!

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