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hi guys i posted this somewhere sometime back and couldnt get a reply... so i'm posting it again....plz reply

i've cornered myself to this one "AverMedia AVerTV HYBRID VOLAR HX TV Tuner Card"

AverMedia AVerTV HYBRID VOLAR HX TV Tuner Card | Tv Tuner Card | Flipkart.com

can anybody suggest another one with same specs but lesser price...(only usb type and hd recording is must)


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Sorry cant help u with the USB one.

I recently bought Genie 1 - Box Type for normal viewing.
For HD recording, Box Type - I would recommend Avermedia W7 Lite. (if you are willing to go for box)



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There are few Avermedia range in HD TV tuner ..

Hybrid Volargo HD ( H830) - this is HDtV ready. USB one with video in cable to connect with STB / DVD player.
AverTv Volargo ( A833) - this is Analog but records in H.264 format ( HD format) connects to STB thru video in cable and rf cable also.
other USB they have is AverTV Galaxy - Model no A816

and for STB they have C874 dark crystal capture station. This si full HD and connects to HD STB only .. USB connectivity and HDMI out for parallel display. can be used with Xbox / PS3 for recording games and simultaniuosly display on your LED TV by HDMI .. this is one of the best selling USB in US.. I found india cost is arround 12K ( Online Shopping India - Buy Books, Mobile Phones, Digital Cameras, Laptops, Watches & Other Products @ FlipKart)

Thank you but i'm waiting for USB type
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