Harddisk HDtune Interface crc error count


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I am getting interface crc error count in hd tune pro on my laptop.I dont know what it is about the connection is fine with my hdd.I checked all other benchmarking tools all seem to be fine

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Keep regular and full backups. But since it's only attention, there's not much to worry about.
Also check the SATA cable and try to replace it.


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sata connector issue(on hdd or on laptop(more likely).A simple way to test it is by using this hdd in usb case for a few days & if no crc error then sata connector on laptop mobo going bad.


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Use to get such error on WD black - ultra DMA CRC error count. Was worried in first few years but the HDD doing well beyond it's warranty period. Will check and post it's current readings.
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