Hackintosh-INDIA 2009-Capture the Flag-Ethical Hacking-Chennai!August 8,9th'09

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Join us at Hackintosh - INDIA 2009 !!! This is a great networking opportunity for the ethical hackers and security enthusiasts across the country with intense knowledge sharing sessions, demonstrations and hands on experience on the latest tools and technologies that enables you to discover and contribute to make the world a SECURE place to live in.

Hackintosh - INDIA 2009 is its first kind of event with “capture the flag” concept. “Capture the Flag”, the security hacking game is specially designed on Day 2 forming teams of experienced ethical hackers and security professionals from the attendees to mock the attackers and hackers in the security battlefield. Join us for the true digital experience real time, Once again,We cordially invite you to be part of “Hackintosh INDIA 2009″ journey and win exciting surprise goodies!


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umm i use a hackintosh , i think you guys need to change the name of this meet, its confusing for people like me who mod their pc's to run OSX.

Anyways best of luck for the meet
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