Guyz please suggest a scooter.


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I have not personally been on Jupiter even though a friend owns it. Nor am I sure about its fuel economy. But it is fast. Faster than an Access 125(mainly in terms of acceleration). I have not heard much bad about Jupiter actually, but do keep in mind that the fuel tank is smaller than other scooters and that the external fuel lid could go bad.
Other than Jupiter, you may consider Activa and Access 125. Among these, if you want good fuel economy, go for Activa whereas if you like power and want good acceleration, go for Access.


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Think of buying TVS Jupiter should i go for it or any other option available.:)

Good decision as my friend uses it and he says it is giving him around 50-55kms per litre and accelerations is also good.He says one of the best scooters TVS has ever made.


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+1 for Jupiter. A cousin got one recently after same confusion about Activa or Jupiter. And is quite happy with the performance and overall.
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