[Guide] Laptop SSDs.


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Many people have no idea about the different SSD form factors so they end up buying a Samsung 840/850 EVO SSD.


Don't get me wrong, the 850 SSD is a great drive but you end up losing the 1 TB HDD that comes bundled with the laptop. So it all boils down to the million dollar question:


.......or does it?

Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen to my second guide: Laptop SSDs.

Form Factors:

Here's what a mSATA SSD looks like:

It goes into this:


to look like this when fitted.

This form factor is found in laptops of 2012-early 2014 and is getting replaced by NGFF(discussed later).
If you recognize this type of connector in your laptop's motherboard then you may select a mSATA SSD to save your 1 TB HDD.

Recommended mSATA SSDs

1 TBSamsung EVO 840 mSATAClick me
512 GBPlextor M6MClick me
500 GBSamsung EVO 840 mSATAClick me
256 GBPlextor M6MClick me
250 GBSamsung EVO 840 mSATA Click me
128 GBPlextor M6MClick me
64 GBPlextor M6MClick me

Other reliable brands:
  • Intel
  • Crucial

Brands to Avoid:
  • Kingston
  • OCZ

This is what a M.2 SSD looks like when compared to a mSATA


There are five sub-form factors of M.2:
2280,2260,2242(in that order in the pic)

2230 and 22110


The last two nos. denote the distance of distance of screw to slot in millimeters.
You should check that out by measuring with a scale before buying a M.2 SSD.

M.2 SSDs come in 2 variants.
M.2 PCIe and M.2 SATA.
Laptops can only boot from M.2 SATA SSDs so make sure you don't buy a M.2 PCIe SSD.

Also, M.2 SSDs have 2 type of slots: 'B' and 'M'

SSDs with B+M connectors fit into both. M.2 SATA SSDs usually come with B+M connectors.

I'll only deal with 2242 and 2280 as only these 2 form factors are common in laptops nowadays:

128 GBPlextor M6GClick me
64 GBPlextor M6GClick me

This is not available in India yet but you can order one from Amazon if you have an international credit card.

Crucial M550 M.2 SATA SSDs

Recommended Storage Space:
64 GB-Just Windows.
128 GB-Windows+1-2 games.
256 GB-Windows +3-4 games.

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Good. And arent there other high load applications like AutoCAD or Maya that could use the faster disk speed?
OT : Rep Wh**e :p


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Well it is a great compilation man.
now help me how do I know that which NGFF port I have. And also do suggest me a SLI SSD with tray.


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Well it is a great compilation man.
now help me how do I know that which NGFF port I have. And also do suggest me a SLI SSD with tray.

told ya, measure with a scale. I am almost 100% sure it's 2242.


Remove "Laptop" from thread Name and tell us about every SSD available and different form factor.. thanks in advance.. ;)


I have a query. I want to put an SSD inside my 5 year old Inspiron laptop (via ODD caddy), but it only supports SATA II.

So which are the cheapest (and reliable) 120 GB and 64 GB SSD's quick enough to saturate SATA II? There's no point in buying the quickest SSDs since SATA II will be a bottleneck.


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If you need to ask then get 850 Evo,NVMe is only for those who know exactly what they want with it & hence will not ask this in the first place.

P.S.you won't find a reasonably priced laptop in India with NVMe ssd support either.


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pls suggest me a ssd for my desktop around 240 GB within 3k..my mobo is
M5A78L-M/USB3 with 955 BE. i have shortlisted some:

1.kingston 400 -2579/-
2.ADATA SU650 - 2599/-
3.Patriot Burst - 2599/-
4.Gigabyte ssd - 2950/-

will use for OS and other software as C drive.


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