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Hi I'm going to buy 2x GTX 970 but I'm very confused to the differences between brands. What is the difference between an Asus Strix vs non-Strix and Zotac Amp Extreme vs Amp Omega vs non-Amp and so on? Which brand should I go for?

I originally posted my PC components request thread here last month:

One person recommended Asus while another Zotac. On another thread people are saying only MSI is worth which is it? :-?

Also I'll most likely be buying online, so can someone please tell me if there's a site that is selling cheaper than the usual Flipkart and all that? Local is likely not possible for me cos I just don't have the time.

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Zotac has 2+3 years of warranty (warranty extension only after registration in first week) and is handled by Aditya Infotech
ASUS is handled by Digicare in my city, but maybe Rashi in other areas, i personally own a ASUS card and I can vouch for it's good warranty
MSI has 3 years warranty and there's an official MSI rep here in the forums @rhynasty, you may contact him for more details
There's also Gigabyte which provdes 3 years of warranty..
Again I must stress that how your warranty goes also depends on the service center at your location, so do a bit of research about them before ordering anything
To answer your original question,
Strix is a slightly overclocked version of the non Strix with better cooling, ..if the benchmarks are almost equal with minimal difference, going for the non strix version is still viable..... The exact same thing with other brands..
To buy online, you can try these websites which are reliable<--<--
The two i marked are my personal priority choices

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Gigabyte cards' RMA is handled by Accel Frontline. Asus Strix has lesser warranty than Zotac btw.

Take a look at Zotac GTX 970 Extreme amp! edition. Asus Strix has 1x HDMI, 1x DP 2x HDMI whereas Zotac GTX 970 AMP! Edition has 1x HDMI, 3x DP and 1x DVI. Base/boost clock is also higher, with Strix having 1114 MHz/1253 MHz and 1203 MHz and 1355 MHz extreme amp! edition. Someone from kolkata bought amp! edition over strix, which ended up being 3.4k cheaper.
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