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GTX 650 Ti Boost 2gb GDDR5 and GA-B75M-D3H, PCI Slot confusion


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I have system with GA-B75M-D3H and Zotac Nvidia GTX 650 Ti Boost2GB GDDR5 (PCI 3.0 x16 compatible) and i5-3570 (non-K).
I got everything assembled from a friend of mine.
my Mobo has 1 PCIE x4 and 1xPCIE x16 slot. He installed my card in the x4 slot.

I recently realised about this issue and switched the card to x16 slot and upon starting the system checked the system info from NVIDIA control panel.
But it said Bus: PCI-Express x4 Gen2.

I simply checked into BIOS. I found PEG SLOT SETTINGS which was set as Auto. (Other options were Gen1,Gen2,Gen3)
I tried Changing it to Gen 3. initially system started and screen looked as it looks when there is not dedicated graphics installed. Upon restarting again, it was back to normal. and NVIDIA CP showed Bus: PCI-Express x16 Gen3.

Have I done anything wrong? Please let me know if its wrong to force GEN3 config on the x16 slot rather than keeping it at auto.

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