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[Group Buy] Bitdefender Total Security 2018(1 license available for buying)


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I don't know about bitdefender but in kaspersky it doesn't matter if the key you bought is for 1 or 2 version older product,it will work with latest version available at the time.In fact any software that states free upgrades for a year means that no matter the version key,from the day it is activated it will work with any newer version till 1 year unless specified otherwise.


I am the master of my Fate.
1. Zangetsu (2 license)
2. ariftwister (1 license)
3. avanildutta (2 license)

So, we are 5 users now.
I am buying one more license for my friend.

@ariftwister & @avanildutta : PMed you my account details.
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