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Gphone to hit shelves by late 2008 ..??

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King Arthur

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The rumoured GPhone may be up for sale by late 2008 . The GPhone will run a LINUX based OS . The alliance of 30 companies which contributed to the development of this OS says that it plans to release these 'OPEN PHONES'
by the second quarter of 2008 .

Developers will be able to download the SDK on 12th from the OHA website.

source :http://www.openhandsetalliance.com/


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Nokia is planning to join the alliance to work on android. Damn. Google has hit the jackpot. After all, Nokia need not pay millions to Symbian if they participate in android development. It could be open source, it could be free, it could be totally customizable with hundreds of apps. :)


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...and a common standard which symbian is *not* and prevents windows mobile from monopolizing the embedded market :)
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