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good gaming pc amd

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CrysIs Freak
hi friends
i want an mobo and processor (only from amd ) and my budget is 15k and i am looking for an good overclocking mobo+processor for gaming using stock cooling
plz do mention the prices (onboard graphics for a few months later i will change )
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ASUS A8N-E ----> 5500
or ASUS A8n-SLI ----> 6850
AMD Athlon 64 3200+ ----> 7600
so RS 13100 / 14450....
Matches ur budget
i think SLI one is lot better....(first choice)
but if u need an performer n for overclocking then no looking anywhere.. its A8N - E


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Official Techie said:
how can u think of a gaming pc without having a graphic s card in it
Was tht to me or rajesh...
ALSO HE CLEARLY mentioned tht he want an good overclocking mobo n proci only....
there was no name of graphic card....


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yes man i know tht ASUS A8N - E has no onboard gfx....
but it still considered has the best performer....
also if graphic is the priority then go for "ASUS A8n VM CSM"....
but i would still suggest to go for "A8n-SLI"....
also Gigabyte K8N51GMF is good option....


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Asus A8N e is the best.But it does not have an IGP.So u will have to go for a graphics card.6600Gt is recommended for gaming,But if ur tight on budget get an entry level card such as 6200,u can play most games at 800X600 with medium graphics detail.


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samrulez said:
6600Gt is recommended for gaming
Not anymore. My card gives 26.2 FPS when playing TrackMania Nations ESWC at 'High Quality' with 2x Antialiasing enabled. At 'Very High Quality' and 4x Antialiasing, it gives a meagre 25 FPS. And though the game features 6x Antialiasing, my card doesn't support it and it is the best 6600 GT model. :(
In the review of the game in the April issue of Digit, the reviewer, Robert Smith, had written the following:
I played the game on my AMD Athlon 64 3200+, MSI RS480 motherboard with an onboard ATI Radeon Xpress 200 graphics chip and 1 GB of DDR 400 Transcend RAM. At the highest settings, it murdered my graphics chip! People with an NVIDIA 6600 (or equivalent) and above will have no problems running this game at the highest settings-like I said earlier, it's light!
Guess he got it a bit wrong!


AMD Athlon 64 3200+
XFX 6600GT 128Mb with DDR3
both will fit ur bill along with mobo in 20K


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AMD Athlon 64 3200+....................7.5k
xFx 6600 GT 256 MB.....................7.5K
ASUS A8N-E................................5.5k


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i think theres no more confusion left.
" AMD Athlon 64 3200+.................... 7.5k
xFx 6600 GT 256 MB..................... 7.8K
ASUS A8N-E............................... .5.5k "

This will be the proper quote.....
But if u can increase ur budget then i wuld suggest to go for 7 series from geforce


HE heyeheye already he has increased his budget frm 15K to 20K ..adn now more...this happned to me laso while deciding my config.....always trying to fit in more and latest during buying computer ... :) :) :)


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Its not always the question of fitting all new n latest stuff from the market....
BUt its abt the usage period till wht tht particular product will be suitable....

Some stuff like "A8N- E" is still favourite Though there r many options tht came after tht.....

Sooner i think 6660 will be useless....(Not tht useless)
2day the game manufacturers r making the games considering the new tech ie PPU for gaming....
Sooner we will see the games based onthis engines....
So it would be a haste as well as waste if going for 6600GT....
considering the price differece in 6600 n 7300 i wuld suggets to go for 7300....

Take this as a casual approach.....
n remember this while buying any stuff or gizmo....
Hope this was helpful for everyone...
i had an a8v-e mb with a 6600 LE graphics card in it. coupled with an athlon 3000+ and 1 gb ram.....i cud play most games including doom3,farcry(had to be patched though)etc at a very decent frame rate......i think the combo is worth every penny!!!go for it!!!


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Dude if u can then i'll suggest u to wait for sum time...as eva AM2 will b coming soon..with ddr2...so ur mobo as well as ram will b of no use in the near future.but if u r in a hurry then go ahead and get wat others hav suggested.but trust me after sum time may b 6 months AM2 With ddr2 ram will b main wud cum in de main stream..choice is urs.
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