Go back Apple, we don’t need you and your diva act


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Here’s a laundry list of Apple’s tantrums, err demands: no customs duty on raw materials (called manufacturing and repair inputs), yield loss on inputs, components and capital equipment (including parts) and consumables for manufacturing, services and repair. And it doesn’t end there. The diva wants it for both domestic and export markets. And the bright red cherry on top? Apple wants it for 15 years. Yes, that’s right. 15 years.

Source: Go back Apple, we don’t need you and your diva act – Tech


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LOL and why will indian taxpayers/govt bear the cost of this beautiful diva :D Its ok apple sell your device at the current market price .


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For a company that sells overly expensive devices, they sure act like misers when it comes to taxes. Isn't Apple guilty of tax evasion in EU and Aus?

It's not even like they are operating on a narrow profit margin.


Tax evasion has been apple's "premium feature". How else do you think they have 200B$ in cash?

EU slapped them with 14B$ fines and still they want BS exemptions.
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