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Galaxy S made with different camera units?


Yesterday, I came across this thread:

Did my new Galaxy S come with a dodgy Camera? - xda-developers

Apparently, the Galaxy S models are having two different camera units (lens and sensor), and it is impossible to physically determine which unit is used on a particular model.

There's two lenses: One has 3.5mm focal length and the other has 3.8mm focal length. Which one your camera has can be found by checking pics clicked with it on your computer using the file properties option.

It appears the 3.8mm focal length cameras click a bit worse pictures than the ones with 3.5mm. Also, it appears most (but not all) of the 3.8mm units are made in Vietnam.

So, if you're looking to buy a Galaxy S, you should look at where it's made. The country of origin can be found on the Samsung distributor sticker on the box of the phone, where the manufacturer's address can be found.

A small number of korean units also have the 3.8mm lens, so it may be related to lack of resources. However, nobody has responded yet about a made in China Samsung Galaxy S (if it even exists).

On a separate note, I did have two Samsung phones, one made in China and the other in Vietnam. The Vietnam model developed slider problems within 1 year while the China one is still intact. Maybe there are differences in quality between factories. I'd like to think this is not true though!
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